24 Sep Prime Time

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FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (23mm, f/8, 1/350 sec, ISO200)

We planned to visit the de Young museum in the Golden Gate Park but had some time to kill. Tea time! Luckily the Japanese Tea Garden just around the corner.

But I brought the wrong lenses. I was prepared to shoot inside the museum so I only took my small ThinkTank Retrospective 5 camera bag with the Fuji XF 14mm and the XF 23 mm. Both fantastic lenses but not exactly what I would choose for garden pictures. The XF 10-24 and the XF 55-200 would be a better combo for that. But I was too lazy to go back to our car so I shoot with what I had with me.

FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (23mm, f/8, 1/70 sec, ISO200)
FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (14mm, f/8, 1/75 sec, ISO200)

Followers of my blog know that the Fuji XF 14mm is my favorite lens. I bought it more than 3 years ago and even though I got many more lenses since then this is still my most important lens. I shoot it all the time when in Asia for street and architecture but it is also a fantastic lens for landscape photography. It is tack sharp from corner to corner, there is zero distortion and contrast is great too.

My XF 10-24mm is sharp too especially stopped down a little but the shots that I get with the prime lens are different. It is hard to explain but it’s there. Somehow the shots have a better “clarity” but I

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