26 Mar Prime Lens Plunge

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

Almost a year ago I bought a used Fuji XE3 camera with the idea of doing some street/urban photography – great timing eh. It’s an excellent camera (still to be used for its intended purpose) which is small, light and fun to shoot with. It also came with a brilliant, tiny 23mm prime lens.

After taking the 23mm lens out locally I was impressed and bought two more prime lenses. The well respected Fuji 56mm and a Fuji 16mm f/1.4. After shooting with the 16mm lens on my infrared camera I was hugely impressed by its performance. The lens renders detail in amazing quality and there is very little distortion.

As often happens when I’m impressed by something, I decide I want more of the same, so I’ve now bought a used Fuji 14mm prime lens. To date I’ve only been able to photograph the front of my house (which I won’t share) but it’s another optically well corrected lens. It’s small, light and doesn’t cause any hot spots when used on the infrared camera. I can’t wait to get out to use it properly.

But because I don’t have any images shot with the Fuji Prime, I thought I would share this one instead.

Cactus on the Isla Incahuasi in the Bolivian salt flats

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