14 Jul Press Release: Kickstarter For The Citograph 35 Street Photography Lens

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C.P. Goerz, a new German startup, has a new lens that is aimed at street photographers — a 35mm fixed-focus f/8 lens that’s always in focus at 9 feet to infinity!

Taking its name from a famous early 20th Century German lens maker, C.P. Goerz launched a Kickstarter for the lens and has already smashed its goal of $30,000! Now Goerz is going for a stretch goal of $65,000 by July 27th, with a bonus printed Citography guide.

The Citograph 35 pancake lens Sample street photo from the Citograph 35mm lens

The Citograph 35 is a pancake-style, Tessar-type lens that marries sharpness with an ultra-compact package… a form factor which many street photographers adore. The lens is the passion project of Benedikt Hartmann, a 20-year veteran of the German camera industry and the founder of CP Goerz. His idea was to create a lens that would be perfect for the “shoot from the hip” style of street photography. With it’s disc aperture equal to F8 and 35mm focal length, The Citograph will be in Weegee’s wheelhouse… “f/8 and be there”.

“We want to produce a professional-grade lens that will put the “Insta” back into Instagram! We want to bring the spontaneity back to photography while maintaining the highest standards of photo creation,” Hartmann says.

Promised as the world’s first ever hyperfocal citography lens, the Citograph 35 “gives you the best of both worlds: the speed of your smartphone with the image quality of your SLR.” The Citograph has no moving parts, so no autofocus, no zoom, no adjusting your aperture.

Citograph 35mm lens sample image

The Citograph lens is the tool that Hartmann believes will enable photographers to practice Citography, which is obviously a sibling to street photography.

“Citography is a completely new form of spontaneous and pure photography, allowing you

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