20 Feb Preparing for a Gig

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Home work is the key to covering any gig or festival, if you do your research beforehand it can result in better images and a much easier time in the photo pit.

As far as your gear goes it’s much the same as any type of photography really. Always make sure you have fresh batteries including spares. Don’t forget your memory cards. Check over your cameras to make sure they are set up in the way you are used to shooting, I once went to a gig just after doing a talk to my local camera club where I had my cameras and invited the people there to take a look at the cameras I was using at the time. I forgot to check over my cameras before I went to the gig and all the settings were changed. Luckily I had time to change them all back to my own personal settings before the first band came on, but it was a lesson learnt! I also, due to the above, try to give myself a bit of time to check over a few things by getting to the venue early.

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