12 Jul PREMIUM Zoom or Prime Lens? Find the right one for you

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Zoom lenses are made to “magnify” the subjects without having to move from where I’m standing, right? Wrong!
This is an idea commonly accepted and that many users, even some more experienced, still believe as true. And the guilt also goes to manufacturers, who for many years announced their compact and bridge cameras highlighting the magnification factor in their ads. For example 5x, 12x, 50x or even 125x as in the case of the Nikon P1000 with an optical zoom equivalent to 24-3000mm!

After years of promoting sales of cameras by publicizing as the main selling point the magnification ratio of the lens, this idea became so deeply rooted in the habits of people that today it is repeatedly accepted as correct.

The Nikon P1000, with a zoom of 125x equivalent to a 24-3000mm lens.

So, are zoom lenses made to magnify or not?
Although in practical terms, yes they magnify, this is not its purpose. Excluding the exceptions in which it’s actually not possible to approach the subjects to be photographed, such as during a soccer game, or photographing certain species in their natural habitat, magnification is not the goal of a zoom lens.

Let us now look more in detail that question, the goal of a zoom lens. And for the sake of simplicity, all focal lengths referred to will always be equivalent values to a full-frame system.

For different situations

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