03 May Premium When “comfortable” means “creative stagnation” – Switching to Capture One

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Last winter I hit the stage with my photography where I was comfortable. I had it all worked out for the choice of camera bodies, lenses, editing suite and client delivery method. And it worked flawlessly in tandem with one another. However as happy as I was with having things “worked out” for a long time, I felt I was being complacent and comfortable with the workflow and, as result, I started to lack the creative drive. (Lockdown anyone?) Enter December and I came across an update to Capture One 21 (, editing software I had tried before twice but couldn’t quite grasp the change in its way and workflow,) with new features such as quick editing shortcuts and dehaze tools among others. The timing coincided with another event – acquiring the 4th generation sensor based camera, Fuji X-T3, which has proven to be a workhorse ever since. Having formerly shot on the X-Pro2 line of cameras together with Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop I decided I wanted to compare results, especially that many had praised CaptureOne for treating Fuji files differently and potentially opening a new zone of opportunity. It might be my personal experience but when using the X-T3, the exported results showed imperfections in photos I wasn’t able to ignore. So I started to experiment with both the X-Pro2 files, just as comparison and the effect was similar. I’ll say it; I experienced the “worms” effect present on the exported jpegs and wasn’t happy with

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