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As many of us already know and feel, making photography with Fujifilm is a powerful, pleasant and liberating experience. I will try to explain the best I can what is this sort of freedom and why is it so. However, I think this story can apply to those photographers who are not professionals, or if they are, then they could consider it while using their Fujifilm camera outside the paid jobs environment (with some exceptions).

Fuji X-T1 . Fuji XF16-55mmF2.8 @16mm . f/5.6 . 1/190″ . ISO 200

For the ones who make the first steps into photography, their start could be by using a smartphone, or a compact camera, even a DSLR, or a mirrorless camera. Those are all tools meant to do one essential task: capture images. The way you do photography can be a bit different, from one type of tool to another, but probably the common way to do it, as a beginner, is by using the Automatic Mode. It is something natural and I truly recommend all beginners to start shooting in Auto Mode.

At the beginning of this journey, there are some priorities you have to take into account, like keeping the horizon line horizontal, correctly frame your subjects in view of applying the Rule of the Thirds. Probably later, you will discover the principle of the Guiding Lines and other elements which are essential in migrating from snapshots to photographs. In a previous article, you can find out what is

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