29 Mar PREMIUM Documentary Project | Module 0: Getting started (+video)

Source: Fuji X Passion

Hello everyone! My name is Hugo and I am one of the co-founders of Fuji X Passion. Over the next few months I will present a detailed guide to help you develop your own Documentary Project.

This Guide will be divided by modules, such as:

Finding stories; Planning; Equipment and accessories; The use of natural light for environmental portrait photography; Editing and post-processing; And many others.

The goal is for you to follow each of the modules and, at your own time and pace, start your Documentary Project on a topic of your choice. Throughout this period you can present your ideas, exchange opinions, ask questions. We will discuss your progress and clear all your doubts.

So first of all, what is Documentary Photography and what are the differences for Photojournalism, or Street Photography for example?

Usually, “Documentary Photography” is a designation applied to the genre of photography used to record events, persons and environments with relevance and significance. This description may not differentiate it from “Photojournalism” and actually they share many similarities, but while photojournalism is more about….

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