04 Mar Portugal lost locations

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Each year I set off on road trips in search of lost locations. Recently I have been to Morocco and now Portugal. When I find enough decent locations to shoot I return home and set about planning the perfect workshop. I love to share my vision and shooting experience with other like minded photographers. Here are my notes from the recce.

01. Spring had already sprung in Portugal by the middle of February. Clear blue skies and 23°C temperatures were very welcome. I will run my workshop in September this year, before the October rains and after the August heatwaves.

I always do my homework before a reconnaissance mission or ‘recce’ to save time on the ground. I scour Google Earth for likely locations looking for holes in roofs by zooming right in. I also look to see how well used any tracks are that lead to a property or if there is evidence of any recent activity on the site. I then transfer locations to a custom map that I have created and use street view to see the lie of the land nearby. Google Earth can be a year or two out of date so I make sure I have many locations to check out, just in case I draw a blank. Sometimes I get to site only to discover the building is being renovated or it is still in use to house farm machinery etc.

02. I had arranged to meet Lucía Acosta, a model from Seville

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