08 Sep PORTRAITS the eBook by Damien Lovegrove

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Portraits is here at last…


Download your copy of Portraits here

Portraits is 5 years of photography in one lavish production”

A lifetime of knowledge in portrait photography wrapped up in the most comprehensively written body of work by Damien Lovegrove.

In this no secrets withheld e-book, Damien Lovegrove deconstructs his complete portrait making process. From the planning stages, to capture, through to delivery and archive – it’s all here. In Portraits Damien reveals his secrets of creative success and the proven techniques he employs to capture fabulous portraits anywhere.

A first class masterwork containing 356 richly illustrated pages 384 high res photographs with all the exposure and lighting details used to create them Over 50,000 words of creative vision that took over two years to write An expert design with a layout that delivers the best reader experience for you Two resolutions of output – choose from pdf-HD or pdf-SD to suit your broadband speed and your device capacity A print edition may become available in 2017. If you purchase the e-book, you will be credited for the amount you paid against the printed version Every photograph was shot using Fujifilm X cameras and lenses Download your copy here

You have a choice of covers too. Choose from Arielle wearing a red dress in the Painted Desert or Mischkah in an abandoned Spanish farmhouse.

The slideshow below shows a small selection of the 356 pages. The time and care that has gone into the layout of each one is a marvel in itself. The eBook is designed to work as a double page spread or a page at a

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