14 Feb Portrait Photography with the Fuji X-Pro2

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Hi Robin! Could you please start by introducing yourself to our readers?
Hello! I am a 30 years old photographer from Switzerland. After a few years of self-taught freelancing, I decided to apply to the photography Master program at ECAL (Cantonal arts school of Lausanne) here in Switzerland.

Nikon FE2

When did your interest in photography, particularly portraits, begin?
I first approached photography in 2010 with an interest in Polaroid and subsequently in traditional film photography. I experimented a lot with film photography and home development and printing before investing in my first full-frame DSLR to work on my first commercial commissions.

Since the beginning, people were my main interest. I started taking portraits and nude photos of all my friends with my Polaroid camera and kept doing so with different formats until others eventually started identifying me as a portrait photographer.

Polaroid SLR 680

Polaroid SLR 680 . Impossible film

Nikon D800 . Nikon 85mmF1.8 . f/13 . 1/125″ . ISO 100

Nikon D800 . Nikon 85mmF1.8 . f/11 . 1/125″ . ISO 260

Studio or environmental portraits? And why?
Well, both! I first wanted to learn studio portraits, as I felt it would force me more into understanding light. Like most self-taught studio photographers I started with cheap lamps and bedsheets as backdrops, adding DIY light modifier and then I slowly started acquiring speedlight flashes, remote triggers and paper backdrops.

I then got to a point where I felt confident in

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