22 Sep Portrait of an artist

Source: Pro Photo Nut

On the journey between Italy and the UK I decided to stop off and spend a couple of nights with my wonderful cousin Sarah who lives in the south of the Bourgogne region of france. It’s a fairly quiet place unaffected by centuries of progress. It has lived through industrial revolutions and technological revolutions yet remains relatively unchanged. Everything happens slowly here because life revolves around wine. For thousands of years this area has been allocated to the growing of grapes and in the 1861 classification the parcels of land, teroir, of the region were allocated a Cru status based upon the character of the wines they produced. More info about Burgundy

Sarah’s dear friend Jean-Claude Bligny got wind of my journey plans and commissioned me to take his portrait. Fabulous I thought, all I needed was good light and a backdrop. We had 20 minutes of the best light and four locations to shoot so we whizzed around and got the shots that we needed. I used my trusty GF110mm lens at f/2 and my GFX50s camera on a tripod.

The light was to contrasty at the start of the shoot and 20 minutes later it had lost it’s contrast and was flat. The moment of best light was like a Poisson distribution curve, a gentle rise to perfection before falling away.