03 Mar Portland Bill with the GFX 50s

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2.30pm and I’m leaving my house in Weston Super Mare and heading to the Dorset Coast. Portland Bill is one of those locations that provides a multitude of options when it comes to subject and composition and so its a place that I have and will continue to return to.

The weather is less than perfect and there will only be 45 minutes to an hour of light left when I get there, but the plan is to grab a few shots and then stay over night so I can get up early and catch the sunrise. I love the light in the morning, its my favourite time to shoot and hopefully if predictions are right It could be a good one.

Upon arriving and parking up it looks like both me and the camera are going to get wet. It’s high tide and the rain combined with the spray from the sea is going to be a challenge. I do try to photograph in all weathers, so this is just part of the fun and good practice. One thing that the weather has reminded me of is the need to purchase some clear filters for my lenses. I don’t usually use filters but when conditions are rough and the salty spray is constantly hitting the front of the lens it pays to protect expensive equipment.

Shooting a nice sunrise or sunset can appeal to a lot of people and the light is always good during this time but I feel that I need to photograph the not so pretty things as well. We live in a less than perfect world so there isn’t much point in trying to maintain a blinkered vision of perfection and beauty when it comes to shooting landscapes. I personally find a moody landscape far more powerful and evocative than a pretty sunrise or sunset.

I made a few exposures in the 30 minutes or so I had. This is my favourite of those. I feel it captures the mood nicely.

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