27 Apr Poppy Street | Marvin Girbig Photography Review: Fujifilm X-Pro2

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Review: Fujifilm X-Pro2

I’m going to talk a little bit about my new X-Pro2 and the way I decided to choose this camera as my main system. This is not a technical review but more like a subjective perspective of how the X-Pro2 works and feels for me. 

 Why did I choose the X-Pro2

 I always had a crush on the X100 series. And I still have – it’s a pretty handsome small camera with the newest technology and a hybrid viewfinder. But wait – shouldn’t I talk about the X-Pro2? Correct! But it’s maybe easier to understand why I choose to shoot my street work with the X-Pro2 when you know about my preferences and my development.

 I’ve never had a X100 series camera. Back then the price range was to high for me and I was afraid that the fixed focal length could be to limiting. Thats why I opted for the (at this time brand new) X-T10 two years ago – mainly all pictures on this website are from the X-T10 with the XF35mm F1.4 Lens. It was small and lightweight, as well as affordable and I could swap lenses.

 In the last two years my photography and style developed more and more and street photography turned out it to be my favourite genre. The X-T10 did a great job on the street. But with the release of some new Fuji bodies and some significant improvements I was thinking about upgrading and took the chance to go back to my first intention: the X100 series, in this particular case the X100F. My former problems with that camera (the price and the non changeable lens) weren’t an issue anymore. But there was a new problem for me: 35mm focal length. At this time I’m used to shoot at 50mm – this is the length I began to shoot with and used the last two years. I’m not afraid of trying something new, but with the X100F there is only that one focal length and no chance to have my favourite 50mm focal length (disregarding the converter lenses which I think destroy the idea of a compact camera with fixed focal length). So, I was looking for an appropriate street photography camera where I can use a 50mm lens and have the rangefinder style: the X-Pro2….

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