13 Jan Planning for the landscape.

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A short guide to planning a landscape photography trip.

Planning a Landscape photography trip for a single day or a week long adventure can be a lot of fun. Planning carefully can dramatically increase your chances of success. Turning up to a location unprepared can result in frustration and disappointment. Planning well can also be vital to maintaining your safety.

I follow the same steps when preparing for any trip, even if it’s a location that is familiar to me. Have a read of the following and hopefully it will help you avoid some of the mistakes that I’ve made and increase your chances of coming away with good images.

Determine how much time you have and don’t rush!

Managing your time is going to be essential when choosing a location. Especially during the winter months when the days are a lot shorter.Choose a location that you can shoot comfortably within your time limits. Don’t rush!

Planning to travel a long distance and then only allowing yourself an hour on location is a bad idea. You will end up getting flustered and darting around to different spots trying to find a composition that works. I have missed many good shots because I couldn’t find a good composition and when I finally did I had missed the best light.

Not allowing yourself enough time is when mistakes are made or shots missed. Not getting the result you wanted due to an avoidable mistake or by running out of time is very frustrating. If you have a limited amount of time, choose a location closer to home and leave yourself as much time as you can to set up.

Research your location.

There are many ways to research your chosen location. From books or the internet and even other photographers. Ideally, a scouting visit is probably your best course of action……

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