19 Aug Pieces of my seeing

Source: Olafs Photoblog

It is not street, travel or landscape. It is not black and white or colour. It is not your camera, formula or a preset. It’s certainly not a collation.

No, it is not always your smile, wit or impulse. It is not always who you are or who you want to be.

To free IT you must drop any pretence. You must not be afraid to be there. You must open your eyes not to what is in front of you but what is inside you.

Only then will you lay bare the pieces – raw, unguarded, authentic snippets of life shredded in the turmoil of your emotions.

I must take this unquiet presence and whisper it to the light. I must assemble those elements of being into line, shape and form and turn it into pieces of my seeing.


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