19 Feb Pic(k) of the week 8: AFTER THE RAIN – DUBAI

Source: Bjorn Moerman

Periods of winter rain in the UAE are always interesting for photography; specially after it is all over and done!
While street hunting along the modern part Dubai, I came up to few interesting water puddles which made for a great opportunity to make some “reflection” images. 
Virtually immediately, I was thinking about a series of images which were telling the story of the place and time. Below is a triptych of which I deem were the three strongest images of the 45 mins or so I spend in the same spot. 
While Street Photography images are typically not the type of images that one would hang in his/her living room, this one will probably do so at some point of time. 
Image details:Fujifilm X-T3 with the XF 35mm f1.4 lensISO 320, f8, 1/500sIn camera Film Simulation Acros + Yellow filterTriptych made in Lightroom CCA while ago I picked up a second hand XF35mm f1.4 lens; one of the original three XF lenses. While I’ve shot almost all of my Street Photography with a 23mm (35mm equivalent in full frame) in the past, I’m enjoying the (temporary?) change to shoot more with the 35mm lens (50mm full frame equivalent)! 
Whenever there are water puddles around, I automatically have to think about the father of Street Photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson, who by the way also shot mainly with a 50mm lens!
I do hope to eventually receive  the recently announced Fujifilm X-100V for a couple of weeks of test shooting. Needless to say that the X-100V will put me back to shooting 23mm for street photography. Expect more about this later in the month.

Remember: “Your first 10.000 photographs are your worst

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