18 Dec Pic(k) of the week 51: BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE

Source: Bjorn Moerman

Most are probably looking forward to see what 2021 will bring and want to forget about this years challenging period…

Through the course of 2020,  I’ve witnessed a lot of personal dramas evolve be it for either health,  financial, loss of jobs or a combination of all. Saying that it has been a tough year for most, is likely an understatement. But then again, sometimes you bump into people that hardly have anything but who just seem genuinely happy. Such was the case when I took a long walk along the beach at Al Aqah (UAE East coast) a few weeks back with my little Fujifilm X-100V, my go to camera for 2020! I saw how a construction worker, who had just finished his job for the day, came out for an evening swim as the last sun rays where about to disappear behind the western horizon.  

Once a beam of light, illuminated the lonely swimmer I starting framing a few images without him noticing, but he eventually made eye contact and gave me this great pose below. In very basic English, the words “BE HAPPY” came out. After I thanked him for the image, I kept on walking. His words however stayed with me for a long time. It immediately made me think about what we human beings really need to be happy. If he has wife and kids, he had likely not seen them in a year or even more. Still, he seemed genuinely happy with

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