27 Nov Pic(k) of the week 43: THE EYE OF ISTANBUL – Ara Güler In Memoriam

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Sometimes it is a photography book that inspires me to take a trip to a place that I haven’t been to or at least have not been for some time. Such was the case with Istanbul… The book of Magnum photographer Alex Webb “Istanbul, City of a Hundred names“, is one of my favorite photography books! So he was the main reason to eventually go back to Istanbul last week, but there was more…
While Alex his work is mainly color work, I’ve also been fascinated by the black and white work of Turkish-Armenian photographer Ara Güler, who is often nicknamed “The Eye of Istanbul”. As a Photojournalist, Ara documented life in the city that was once called Byzantium and Constantinople, from the early 1950’s to the 1990’s. To celebrate his 90th birthday, an Ara Güler museum opened last August in Istanbul. More than enough reasons to visit the city that is often referred to as the bridge between East and West.
As I visited the museum, I would later that day learn that the great Ara Güler had passed away that same morning. What a loss for Photojournalism and Photography with a capital “P”!
Istanbul is often referred to as one of the best cities to shoot Street Photography in and after having shot there for an intensive 3 days, I have to concur! After Tokio and New York city it is probably my personal number three!
Initially I had planned to shoot colour work in Istanbul, but the whole Ara Güler experience on day 1 together with the fact that the skies were mainly grey and overcast, made me change to Black

Pic(k) of the week 43: THE EYE OF ISTANBUL - Ara Güler In Memoriam posted on Bjorn Moerman on .

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