13 Oct Pic(k) of the week 40: WHEN THE BIRDS STOP FLYING – Fujifilm X100V

Source: Bjorn Moerman

As a Street/Documentary photographer, I’m a great advocate for always carrying a camera with you. We never know what we will run into! Most of the time, I’ll take my Fujifilm X100V with me, even it when it is just for a shopping trip or a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. 

The other night I was out for an evening walk with my X100V when I saw a great cloud on the eastern horizon. The sunset light was illuminating the dissipating thunderstorm over the Dubai desert and giving it a dramatic look. Now I just needed to find a more interesting foreground…

While continuing my walk, I found a pigeon sitting on the fence and clicked a few silhouette images with the cloud in the background. Underexposing just over 1 stop was sufficient to expose the highlights of the cloud properly, while giving the bird a nice silhouette feel. It also highlights that one often needs to look to the opposite site from what seems the best direction to photograph a sunset!

Image details:

Fujifilm X100V   1/250s, f8, ISO 320 In camera jpeg using Classic Negative Film Simulation Lightroom Classic for perspective correction (using Transform guided tool) Lightroom Classic for 16:9 crop, giving more of a cinematic feel I do have an iPhone 13 Pro Max on order, which hopefully will be delivered in the next few weeks. I must say that I’m interested to see how the camera will perform for these “always have a camera with you” shots! Until now, no phone has given me the image quality I’ve come to expect from

Pic(k) of the week 40: WHEN THE BIRDS STOP FLYING - Fujifilm X100V posted on Bjorn Moerman on .

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