01 Sep Pic(k) of the week 35: WE OWN THE ROAD – CAMEL ROAD part 2

Source: Bjorn Moerman

During the hot and humid summer months, outdoor photography in the UAE is hard. From time to time, I do just jump in the car and set off for half a day road trip; mostly not knowing where the adventure will bring me, I’m looking for things to shoot close to the car.

Last week, during such a trip, I was on one of my favourite desert roads in the UAE, only to see that an entire series of new lighting poles had been installed. When I saw some camels on the road about 500m ahead, I stopped the car on the side and grabbed the longest lens I had. 

The image below is one of a dozen frames shot as the camels came closer to me. 

Image details:

Fujifilm X-T3 with XF100-400 lens ISO 160, f11, 1/125s, 400mm focal length RAW development in Lightroom Classic DxO ColorEfex Pro 4 using Gradual ND filter and Color Contrast filters

It is a great illustration of the lens compression when shooting at long focal lengths such as the XF100-400. One would think these lighting poles are only a few meters apart, while they have pretty much the standard spacing. 

While testing the X-T2 end of April 2016, I shot a similar image of camels coming to me at virtually the same place, but without all the modern pylons. Personally I still prefer the older image. Check out the “Camel road” the blog post here.

Remember: “A camel is a horse designed by a comitee” – Alec Issigonis


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