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The average attention span most people are looking at a single image is probably less than a few seconds. Whenever we can engage the viewer longer, we know we have the potential for an interesting image!  

A way of extending that attention span is by adding some mystery to your images. I’ve said it before, a good Street Photograph is an image that creates more questions that it provides the viewer with answers.  

While seeing a scene develop in Street Photography remains of course very important, occasionally one is lucky and some visual illusions present themselves unexpectedly. Such was the case when I shot the image below, while walking the streets of Antwerp, Belgium. It was only when I looked at the image on my computer that I saw the full potential. 

To me, there are at least 3 intriguing things happening in the image; the first one that stands out the most is the red face of the child on the right. What is going one there? Has the face been painted red for the birthday party? Well no exactly; my wife was wearing a red sweater which happens to reflect just on the face. Secondly I really like how my hands, holding the camera, enclose the face of the woman walking by in the background. Lastly, look at the mobile phone on the left; the colour of the table has transferred partially to the phone; likely due to the angle the glass reflects. The fact that those three elements are on a triangle, is of course the cherry on the cake!

I’m interested to hear what “you” see in the image? Let me know in the comments or on social media!

Image details:
  • Fujifilm XF10 using Snap Shot mode at 2 meter
  • ISO 4000, f 8, 1/320s
  • RAW development in Lightroom CC using Classic Chrome film simulation
  • Lightroom CC to burn some of the distracting elements
Whenever shooting window reflections, I normally try not to be part of the image; however in the image above, I find that my hands add to the picture. As always in photography, rules are there to be broken! 

For the ones that missed it, the image above was shot with the brand-new Fujifilm XF10; to check out my First Look review published last week, click here

Remember: “The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery” – Francis Bacon


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