24 Aug Pic(k) of the week 34: CHASING THE VOLCANOS – MOUNT ADAMS

Source: Bjorn Moerman

In 2009, we rented a 4 seat Cessna C172 in the San Francisco area and flew along the Oregon coastline towards Seattle. The return of the 8 day trip, was flown inland over the cascade range of volcanos such as Mt Rainier, Mt Helen, Mt Adams, Mt Shasta. The route of flight took us also across places like Crater Lake, Mono Lake and last but not least, Yosemite, one of Americas best known National Parks. The gallery of the flying trip more than 10 years ago, can be found here

Lately I overflew Mt Adams, the second highest mountain in Washington state, after Mt Rainier. Overlying it this time from an altitude of at least three times higher, it brought back memories from the trip over 10 years ago! Although not having erupted in more than 1000 years, the 12281ft (3743m) tall volcano is not considered extinct and remains one of my favorite ones in the area. 

Image details:

Fujifilm X-T3 with XF50mm f2 lens ISO 160, f5.6, 1/640s RAW file development in Lightroom Classic  Black and White conversion using DxO SilverEfex 2

I decided to convert the image to Black and White for a more dramatic look. Besides, photographing nature in the American north west, always reminds me of the Ansel Adams, who of course virtually exclusively shot in Black and White. I like how the clouds almost look like smoke coming out of the side of the volcano.  

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