02 Nov Photoshop Sky Replacement – Amazing Trick

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Photoshop Sky Replacement Reflections Trick

Adobe recently released Photoshop 2021 which showcased a couple of useful new features. Sky Replacement allows you to quickly replace the sky in an image with either stock skies supplied by Adobe of your own skies. This feature works incredibly well, even better than Skylums Luminar 4 in fact.

A challenging scene for Sky Replacement can be one featuring reflections. The replaced sky will need to be reflected and this may require some complicated masking.

Select Sky Feature

I noticed that another new feature introduced by Adobe in Photoshop 2021 can be used in a neat trick. There is an option under the ‘Select’ menu to automatically mask the sky in an image. This works really well but how does it help with reflections?

Simple. If you first flip your scene upside down and then select to mask the sky, Photoshop will assume that the reflection is the sky and mask it for you… Once created you can flip the mask and use it to mask out the sky layer as a reflection!

Sky and reflection replacement in Adobe Photoshop 2021

Transforming the scene vertically and then applying Select -> Sky Results in a mask that can be used for reflections of a replaced sky

Matt Kloskowski Video Tutorial – Sky Replacement Hack

I pointed out this hack to Matt Kloskowski and he has made a video demonstrating it in action 🙂

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