14 Sep PhotoPills: The Photographer’s Swiss Army Knife | Francesco Gola

Source: FUJI X PRO1

It’s 6pm, it’s cold, and the sun is on its way to set. The tripod is placed, the composition is done – now I just have to wait for the big show that Mother Nature puts on every day to happen again. The sky is threatening, but with a little luck, the sun will pierce the clouds to pass above the lighthouse in front of me. If I think about the first time I went out with the tripod on my shoulder, it makes me smile. I knew more or less where to go, I had no idea of the exact time at which the sun would set, nor where. Failure was inevitable! Years have passed since then, and many things have changed. But the biggest and decisive one is in my hands right now: PhotoPills – photo planning app. ……

PhotoPills: The Photographer's Swiss Army Knife | Francesco Gola posted on FUJI X PRO1 on .

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