26 Sep Photokina Roundup

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Hey folks. Just a quick post after returning from Photokina 2016 with some cool things that I found interesting and worthy of sharing. (Also, if you ever get a chance to go to Photokina … go. It is indescribably huge.)

So here it is: some lighting stuff, some other stuff . . .

Fuji GFX

First off, let’s despense with what was probably the biggest star of Photokina: the Fuji GFX medium format camera. Shown above are the photogawkers when it was first unveiled. It was like they had a captive Beyoncé under glass.

The internet promptly lost its collective shit over this new camera, which marries big chip with dead-on focusing with Fuji’s color handling with a price which, with lens, is expected to be “well under USD $10K.”

I’m not even gonna rehash the specs, product pics, etc., as that has already been done ad infinitum. But I have held it, played with it and even got a little drool on it. (No prob; it’s weatherproof.) Suffice to say: Anyone wanna buy my Phase?

(Seriously, hit me on Twitter if interested.)


Moving on, the next dispatch from Photokina is more of a general area of the show. In the basement, there are grouped a lot of Asian companies of varying levels of repute when it comes to respecting intellectual property. I came to think of this area of the show as Knockoffistan.

Example: Briese is a high-end lighting company that makes focusing parabolic reflectors with the official price point of, “If you have to

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