23 Sep Photokina 2016: Hands on with the Canon EOS M5 mirrorless camera

Source: Macfilos

The EOS M mirrorless camera from Canon has never been a great success. Although it was a perfectly nice little touch-screen camera it just didn’t grab the imagination as Canon imagined it would. I suspect part of the problem was the lack of an electronic viewfinder or any way to fit one as an accessory.

I tested the EOS M two years ago and really liked it, despite all the naysayers. I had two lenses with it and now regret selling them because there’s a new, much nicer version on the market.

It’s refreshing to meet the new Canon EOS M5 which takes a whole new approach to how a mirrorless camera should look. Instead of trying to ape the rangefinder/compact genre, Canon has done what it does best: It has turned the EOS into a mini DSLR lookalike. Judging by the scrum of people waiting to get this little camera in their hands during Photokina I expect it will be turn out to be a success.

With a substantial grip and uber-DSLR styling, the M5 feels just like one of the smaller DSLRs in the Canon range although it is smaller and lighter (only 427g). While all the existing EOS M-mount lenses can be used, an adapter is available to handle Canon-mount glass, something that is obviously attracting a lot of interest among existing Canon users. For the first time they have a really competitive, small and light mirrorless option and I can see it appealing.

The new EOS 5M with a

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