03 Sep Photography Matters

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I love a beautiful photograph.  I get lost within it, my eyes wandering around the frame seeing every little detail, every part of the story that the image is telling.  In an era where some people say that photography is now a commodity, where some photographers decry the proliferation of consumer and smartphone cameras, where video is becoming mainstream on all of our devices and where it sometimes feels like attention spans are diminishing I think a beautiful photograph is more important now than ever because of the way it can make us feel.

A recent phone call from a client reminded me of this in an unexpected and emotional way, and I’d like to talk about it for a bit.

When you work with clients it goes without saying that clear communication is of the utmost importance.  This is especially true when it comes to setting and managing expectations; you should know exactly what the client desires and you should clearly articulate what you can provide.  Because I take this approach with all of my clients and students I was surprised to receive a call from a wedding client, a groom whose wedding I shot last year, in which I was asked to re-process their entire wedding.

Yes, the entire wedding.

(I’ll pause for a minute here until all of the wedding photographers reading this come off of the ledge at the thought of re-processing an entire wedding)

For context:  I love black and white wedding photographs.  I

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