10 Feb Photography feels good: the incredible power of women photo shoot

“Photography causes many emotions to surface, during and after the shoot. The whole process converges into a unique and healthy experience for your client.”

Every time I get in touch with a potential customer requesting my pricing for a photo shoot, I always think twice before answering. Should I talk more about the photo session or just go ahead and send the budget?

Prior to the photo shoot, before any steps taken, I usually start with a basic question: what are the customer expectations and references to a photo shoot? This establishes a connection between my work and the client’s expectations.

When I notice that my style and what the client desires aren’t accordingly, I begin to show alternatives of what she would wear, look or do to feel better and more beautiful. Once I accomplish this task, we began to act more comfortable during the shooting the session. If the expectations aren’t accordingly and we cannot come to an agreement, I kindly decline the job and appoint another photographer that might be more suited, if she would like….