29 Mar Photography as a personal project

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I have always liked personal projects. A personal project is something you do in your spare time, something to which you dedicate with all your passion and interest and that you do with no obligation, setting your own goals. I am a computer scientist working in the Spanish public administration, and I have always had plenty of spare time that I have dedicated to various interests.

One of them is programming, thanks to which I have developed several shareware projects: software that I have built for myself and then sold from my own website. I also like reading, listening to music and walking, although these are mere hobbies with no goal other than the enjoyment of each of these activities. Since a couple of years ago, photography has become not just a hobby but my newest personal project.

I have been interested in photography for many years. In the beginning, I used to simply take pictures while travelling and at some family events. I was the camera guy there. But when my daughter Fatima started doing Classical Ballet, I wanted to take pictures of her performances at the small theaters where she performed. That was hell: theaters are dark places, and amateur performances don’t usually have very good light.

At the time, I had a Micro Four-Thirds camera, which I later changed to a Nikon APS-C, but I still couldn’t get the pictures I wanted. About 3 years ago, my friend Alejandro Furti started talking to me about a

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