25 Nov Photographing The Scottish Highlands

Source: Fujifilm Insider

I just returned from a photo tour of the Highlands of Scotland. The scenery did not disappoint. As we drove past and photographed heather-covered mountains, raging waterfalls and cascades, rugged, steep cliffs, and rocky coastlines, “oooo’s” and “aaaah’s” reverberated throughout our van among the tour participants. Scotland was dazzling.

But the Highlands are also a fickle travel destination. The weather can literally change in a minute. We went from calm, sunny days to extreme winds, fog, and rain blowing sideways, with the ground becoming slick with deep mud and puddles. Photography became very challenging at times.

What to Photograph

Our tour focused on the landscape in the Glen Coe area and the Isle of Skye, and structures that were a part of the landscape such as castles and a lighthouse. We quickly learned that our itinerary needed to be very flexible. Some destinations were impossible to photograph due to weather.

Although the focus of our tour was primarily the landscape, we found lots more to photograph. There were “cute little cottages” everywhere, nestled in a dramatic backdrop of mountains and water, and changing autumn leaves. Red telephone booths suddenly appeared in out-of-the-way places on winding country roads, and picturesque towns and fishing piers provided endless photographic opportunities. Meandering sheep busily ate on mountain slopes occasionally lifting their heads for a photo-op, and very hairy Highland cows were willing models…

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