07 Aug Photographing on the road: conclusion; and a happy announcement

It’s time to wrap-up the series that begun a couple of weeks ago, with my conclusion and thoughts about travel gear and methodology.

I returned home with a huge number of keeper photos, many of which will be featured in ongoing projects or dedicated essays. I was also able to upload a lot of them either in previous installments in this blog, and/or social media. In general, everything worked fine and no real issues presented themselves. That said there are always ways to improve things and lessons learned.

I’ll go through the individual categories I laid out in the first two posts in this series. Starting with:

Powering cameras and other devices

Although we are all regularly bitching about Fuji cameras battery performance, I’ll have to say that, although I commonly used a second battery in either camera during a shooting day, I rarely had to use a third one. This was only in those days where I was away from my base from early morning until the end of the day. Of course this may be the way I usually work; I seldom browse through photos and I’m used in turning off the camera when I know I won’t be shooting for a while. I did use WiFi a lot though, sending photos to the smartphone for Instagram and other social media uploads. I still think two extra batteries for the primary camera and one for the secondary one, are the absolute safe minimum.

My choices for chargers seemed to hold out just