01 Feb Photographing Iceland: Settings, Images and More

Source: Fuji X Passion

Iceland is a country of immense beauty and in my mind one of the most diverse landscapes in the world given that it is an island. It is volcanic and glaciated and it is these singular natural forces that have largely shaped the landscape. From windswept volcanic planes, to the mountainous highlands, fjords, coastlines, glaciers, and myriad rivers and waterfalls, it is a place with so many photographic opportunities. The islands location in the Northern hemisphere also brings almost continuous light, with an extended twilight in the summer, and much shorter days in the winter, which affords one the opportunity to see the dancing Northern Lights. Iceland is also a place of extremes, especially regarding the weather, which can change hour by hour. And in fact that is the old adage in Iceland that if you don’t like the weather, just give it an hour. The countries population of around 360,000 is outnumbered by the sheep, and the number of visitors and tourists who flock there. The sheep of course are permanent residents. Iceland is one of my favorite places on this planet.

For this years trip, I decided to switch up the seasons, and opted for the Fall. Iceland in the Fall, and specifically September, is in transition. The colors are beginning to turn but the days are becoming decidedly shorter with an actual period of night. So morning and evening photography is not that much different than Fall days here in the U.S. And it is different than…

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