15 Sep Photographing Grand Central Terminal

Source: Ian Macdonald Photography

I think the thing I love the most about traveling and exploring new places is how it puts me in touch with history.  It is hard to describe the feelings I had when I stood in the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, where Anne and her family hid from German occupation during World War 2 for two years before being betrayed and taken away to the concentration camps.  I held my breath when I stood at the top of Notre-Dame Cathedral one morning, looking out across the rooftops of Paris towards the Eiffel Tower.  Construction on Notre-Dame began in 1163.  853 years ago.   Amazing.  At Pearl Harbor in Honolulu I looked down at the wreck of the USS Arizona, which still leaks oil into the ocean to this day.  The bombing of that ship in 1941 brought America into World War 2.  A few hours later I stood on the deck of the USS Missouri,  in the exact spot where Japan surrendered  in 1945.  It is moments like this that keep me motivated to travel.

New York City is iconic, known the world over, with a history all its own.  Grand Central Terminal is definitely one of the quintessential landmarks in this remarkable city, and I’d like to share part of a photo essay I shot there on my last trip.  This post is part four of a five part series featuring photography from New York City:

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