29 Jan Photographic Ways

Source: Olafs Photoblog

It has been an intense but important start to the new year. As someone who worked on numerous projects in 2018, my plan was to narrow the focus and put my energy just into key areas. That is exactly what happened and I am very pleased with my choices. I will share more about this shortly.

Today, I would like to say a few words about my own photographic ways. I was never a proponent of narrow visual specialization. For the last few years you could classify me as a street sort-of photographer but my interests are much broader than that. If there is one theme in my imagery it would be the exploration of light and shape in terms of my own visual sensitivity. I am telling visual stories which are encoded in those strange worlds created by light and emotions. One of the greatest compliments I have ever received are notes indicating that you needed to pause over my images and go deeper into them. Some of you found a powerful meaning behind them and I must admit that such a deeply personal response makes this whole craft worthwhile for me. Thank you to all who share those emotions with me.

Having said that, such experiences are not related only to my urban imagery. I often like to diverge and escape certain patterns, even if they are superbly successful. I believe that a variety of subjects and themes only enriches our seeing, not destroys it, as some argue.

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