19 Jan Photographic Updates

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In the last few days the highly distressing news hit us that Bert Stephani’s gear was stolen.

I remember well the early days of the Fujifilm X community when a bunch of weirdos talked about the original X100. Then the X-Pro1 came along with three original lenses. And then there was Bert! He taught us, entertained us and made the community click and prosper. His images, videos, portraits, a project about immigrant families and many others provided us with visuals we all enjoyed and cherished. Over the years, Bert Stephani became one of the faces of the Fuji community and, for many, a personal and/or photographic friend.

Please share the info about his gear, including serial numbers. We must make sure that those who performed this act of intrusion will feel pressured, trapped and nervous, and eventually be caught.




Charlene Winfred and Flemings Bo Jensen, both super-talented photographers and filmmakers, have recently started their own video production company http://roamingfra.me/

With a “minimum gear – maximum creativity” philosophy, their talent for visuals, storytelling and great sense of humour (so rare in today’s super serious world of photography), I am totally sold. Here is their latest production.

Make sure to check out a fascinating project by Charlene Winfred called, “In Transit.” Charlene has been working on this project for years, visiting numerous countries and photographing people “in constant motion.” When we all run around taking daily snapshots to share on the

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