30 Aug Photographers, We’re Storytellers – 10 Days in Japan [Part One]

Source: Fujifilm Insider

When I first became interested in wildlife photography, I harboured a deep fascination with Japan. I used to study the work of some of the great Japanese nature photographers – Michio Hoshino, Mitsuaki Iwago, Nobuyuki Kobayashi – and found, in their images, a hidden depth, an elusive something that I could only describe as “soul”. I also noticed many of my early photographic heroes, photographers such as Art Wolfe and Jim Brandenburg, as well as my favourite artist, Monet, had been inspired by immersion in Japanese culture.

Despite my early fascination with the country, it seemed Japan always sat second in my list of top ten countries to visit. Even when I ticked off number one, somewhere other than Japan would leap into top spot and it was only when Fujifilm invited me to present at CP+ (Japan’s premier photographic trade show) that I finally got to visit.

My inaugural stay was short, a whirlwind of meetings, events and karaoke interspersed with a weekend in the mountains, but in that brief time, I fell in love with the country – its landscape and its people, its culture and, of course, its wildlife – which is the reason I returned the following winter.…

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