01 Dec Photo-impressionism with X-Pro2

Source: Andro Loria

Four years ago I bought Fujifilm X-Pro1 and my photographic journey began. Much has changed in my photography since but I still learn both technically and creatively. During the last two years I was doing plenty of street shooting trying to find my way of seeing this very dynamic and ever changing scenery. As I have a natural leaning to b/w images I wanted to explore colour more and whilst doing so I wondered (just like many others) how much of a subject and colour is needed to communicate a vision and/or a scene. So the “waterworld” project was started. The project was shot during this summer and is a series of photographs taken through the waterfall window of a London office building, where I was kindly permitted to shoot. I loved the photo-impressionistic effect created by shooting through running water that removes the precise focus and subject matter leaving it up to the viewer to envisage and complete the picture. Most of the shots were made with X-Pro2 combined with 16-55mm f2.8 or on a few occasions with 14mm f2.8 lenses. The project is still ongoing so this is pretty much the first part of it, with a selection of shots taken during day time and which I think reflect what I had in my mind when I started it. Post-editing was done in Iridient Developer and Lightroom 6. Click or tap on any image to adjust it to your screen size.

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