17 Feb Photo-impressionism with GFX50s

Source: Andro Loria

Last year was rather eventful with a medium format Fujifilm replacing my old X-T2 and X-Pro2 cameras. Primarily to take my landscape and aerial photography a step further, but also continue street and black and white photography. That seemed like a strange move since the X-system is ideal for travelling light, but once you see the image files that the medium format produces with insane detail quality and its ability to render light and colour, it is very difficult to go back to the smaller sensor system. Yet, both GFX50 bodies S and R are well sized and relatively light, on par with the full frame system, and keep traditional X-system physical dials to operate them. In addition, the EVF quality is fantastic, all lenses are metal and have aperture rings, so it was a very easy transition from XT2/XPro2 to GFX50S/R.

The first project that had an “upgrade” was “Waterworld”. The second take of the project was shot during last summer and is a series of photographs taken through the waterfall window of a London office building, where I was kindly permitted to shoot. I loved the photo-impressionistic effect created by shooting through running water that removes the precise focus and subject matter leaving it up to the viewer to envisage and complete the picture. All the shots were made with GFX 50s combined with 32-64mm f4 lens handheld, with shutter speed at average 1/320s and lens at 32-36mm and f11 to get more focal depth. Post-editing was done…

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