07 Jun Pergear 25mm f1.8 – Good Enough?

Source: Michael St. Jean Photography

I sold my X100T and replaced it with a used X-E3. Like the X100T, the X-E3 will live in my work bag or my coat pocket as a small, light, take anywhere camera. However, unlike the X100T, the X-E3 will give me the option to swap lenses. The perfect lens to keep X-E3 as svelte as the X100T is the Fuji 27mm pancake lens. 
I used to own the Fuji 27mm but sold along with my original X-E1 to buy the X100T which I sold to buy the X-E3 which would benefit the most from the 27mm. This is a viscous cycle with dangerous consequences. Repurchasing a lens that I sold would justify my wife killing me and this time I’d be playing on Permadeath mode. So for the sake of my health and marriage, I decided fly below the financial radar and purchase the small, inexpensive manual focusing, Pergear 25mm f1.8 lens

The only reason I chose the Pergrear over the 7Artisans or Meke variants is that the Pergear’s appearance reminded me of the Voigtlanders I’ve long admired.  As you can see in the photos above and below, the Pergear complements the size and style of the X-E3,.

The lens cost $70 on Amazon and comes with box, caps, a metal hood, and a surprisingly elaborate lens pouch. 

The aperture ring is clickless, which is fine with as I’ve used my share of adapted vintage glass which also featured clickless aperture rings. What is taking is a bit of getting used to is

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