05 Sep People and the Sea – Adventures with the X-Pro2

I have always loved the sea, from childhood trips exploring rock pools near my grandparents’ house to my work as a marine biologist and photographer, and I have been fortunate enough to have spent much of my life next to, in or on the sea. Naturally, a lot of my photos are seascapes or subjects that relate to the marine environment or the people who use it. 

Changing from Nikon to the Fujifilm X-series system has allowed me to carry all the equipment I need in a much smaller and lighter bag, which really helps when scaling slippery rocks and hopping onto boats. Having a lighter camera also means that I can get away with a lighter, smaller tripod which makes it easier to capture spur of the moment long exposure seascape photos. Every seascape trip I take now includes the trusty tripod, neutral density filters and spare batteries, which all fits in a small daysack (even with space spare for other important kit: lunch and swim shorts)!

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