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The Chance to Fly

I’ve owned a Parrot Anafi Camera Drone for over a year but to be honest I’ve not had many chances to take it out on any photography trips. I did take it to Cornwall in 2019 but the weather was a little too windy every day to risk flying.

I did get a chance to fly it a little more this year and took some shots of Mayfield Lavender Farm in Surrey in August and Padstow in Cornwall in September. I’ve added a handful of photographs below

Drone Advantages

There are some great advantages to using a camera drone. It gives the opportunity to create compositions that would be impossible otherwise and in the case of the Lavender Field, it allowed me to accentuate the lead-in effect of the rows of plants.

I positioned myself on the banks of the Camel Estuary near Padstow in Cornwall. It was low tide and the Drone gave me the opportunity to fly out over the mud.

The opportunity to gain a higher perspective gives options for composition and can help with give the viewer the impression of a wide vista.

The Parrot Anafi shots 4K video and although I am primarily a stills photographer I occasionally record a few shot video clips to share the tranquility of dawn in the locations.

Mayfield Lavender – Drone Photography

Mayfield Lavender Farm, Surrey, UK
Taken with a Parrot Anafi Camera Drone

Mayfield Lavender Farm, Surrey, UK
Taken with a Parrot Anafi Camera

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