21 Sep Paros-Paris through the eye of my Fuji X-T1

Source: Fuji Love

Photography has been a lifetime passion of mine. As an EU diplomat I have been living and travelling all over the world for many years and my camera has been my constant companion.

I am self-taught in photography. Over the years I have learned a lot by following other photographers and studying their work. Knowing my camera and what it can do in any situation as well as crafting an effective digital photo workflow have always been the two guiding principals in my work.

I am genuinely interested in capturing people in their surrounding whether it be working playing or praying. I love environmental portraiture a term that is open ended with endless possibilities. Combining environmental and street photography is a concept I am working to develop further. I have begun photographing local people in the Cyclades islands as an on-going documentary project providing a deeper insight into their works and lives.

Since last year I am living permanently on the Greek island of Paros where I have had the opportunity to join the Aegean Centre for The Fine Arts directed by John Pack. The photography workshops at the Centre address how use of technical control informs our ideas and creative voice. In these workshops we are producing images of the highest quality and permanence using Jon Cone’s incomparable Piezography carbon black ink sets.

I rarely work on projects defined in advance. I have the feeling that as I go on, themes will emerge more clearly.

Paros-Paris through the eye of my Fuji X-T1 posted on Fuji Love on .

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