19 Jun Paris: The City of Light on film and in early digital

Source: Macfilos

A shot that nicely illustrates the “City of Light” moniker. Leica M6 (pre-TTL), 50 Summicron 1962 vintage, Tri-X.

City of Light: With a reputation like that how can any photographer resist rushing off to photograph the entire city? The problem with Paris is that there is so much of it, so where do you begin? While I could not resist taking pictures of the famous sights, I tried wherever possible to also take a shot that was not a typical view. So while the Eiffel tower does make an appearance or two here, I’ve tried to make the pictures different from the usual postcard shots.

Living in Canada makes it a bit difficult to just “pop over” to Paris for some picture taking, but I was fortunate that my work brought me there half a dozen times over the years. Being there to work, the opportunities for photography were limited to weekends and evenings. Still, with a bit of planning, much can be accomplished in a few hours and with each visit, I set out to make the most of my time there.

I quickly found that the light in Paris is very different from that of Toronto. Somehow a bit more diffused, a bit warmer, and it lends itself very nicely to black and white photography. Even on an overcast day, the light works well for the photographer. The other delight for photographers who like urban landscape pictures is the way the broad avenues and much of the architecture in Paris…


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