11 Oct Paris sera toujours Paris…

Source: Valérie Jardin

I’ve been back from France for over a week and getting ready to go to New York, it’s about time I post some of my photographs from Paris, don’t you think? I had an AMAZING week. I taught a 6-day workshop to a wonderful group of 10 people from all over the world. It was a week of photography, friendships, good food and good laughs.

I must say that, being a French expat, I truly appreciate the French way of life when I’m back home. Yes, there are problems, like everywhere else. No place is perfect. But life in France is pretty darn good! I miss it more and more…

Here is a selection of pics from my recent visit. They are random moments of everyday life, the ordinary as seen through my lens. Slices of life immortalized forever. Street photography is so important!

Some Paris in color coming as soon as I have a few minutes of free time Enjoy!

On the train…


Music in a shaft of light

“Je veux un voilier, maman!!!”

Meanwhile, at the Petanque courts nearby…

“Yes, I know, my boyfriend looks like a true frenchman.”

Writing Le Plat du Jour on the board.

Rain will not stop the dancers at Rue Mouffetard!

A dose of daily news and passion

Getting closer…

Considering what’s on the news… I don’t blame him!

The eye contact

I always allow myself a few extra minutes during my morning

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