29 Jul Paris – Bruxelles

Source: Valérie Jardin

It’s vacation time! I just spent the past 3 weeks at our family home in Normandy with two fun side trips to Paris and Brussels.

As you know, during family time photography takes somewhat of a backseat. After all, it’s what I do the rest of the year so I can take a little break once in a while, or at least try… My camera is always with me, I couldn’t live without it. So I get to snap a shot here and there along the way. It always makes for an interesting challenge. There is no time to wait for the shot, it’s all about reacting quickly to whatever is happening in front of me.

I believe that the limitations keep you sharp and I feel that I always learn a lot from the experience. The key is to embrace the limitations and not let the lack of photography time become a frustration. Do you experience something similar while on family vacation? 



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