13 Mar Parejo Photos – Wedding photographers with journalistic soul

Source: Fuji X Passion

Thank you Alberto for this opportunity. We’re happy to have you for this interview and being able to share your work. Would you like to start by presenting yourself to the readers?
Since 2011 we started with our exclusive work of wedding photography. Why dream it, if you can live it? – we say. That’s why our job is to capture your dream with photographs converted into real stories of real people, without artifices and impossible poses. If what you want is to keep forever what really happened the most important day of your life, we know how to express it in that different and spontaneous way that you like so much.

For this, we seek to create complicity with you, your family and your friends to achieve the maximum graphic expression of that day. With our photographs we try that your memories remain indelible so that, instead of dreaming, you can live it….

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