09 Jul Panic Switch 

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From time to time, Fernando travels to the south of Chile for work. This time he contacted me to take some photos in Valdivia.

We only had a couple of days to think about the place while Fernando got the dancers.

I thought of a place that is central and with a great variety of landscapes so as not to waste time in mobilizing ourselves.

The big day arrived, and we met on Isla Teja with Paula, Poleth and Feña near the famous Cau-Cau bridge. 10 in the morning, between 0 and 2 Celsius degrees (32ºF), a perfect morning to start the session. The idea was to use the beautiful landscape, and we toured the place until we found the perfect spots.

Now Fernando will tell you the story:

It’s so cold it hurts. The toes go numb and then the rest of the foot. It hurts a bit at first. Then a lot. And then it goes numb.

I’m in Valdivia, Chile. It’s a big city in the colder zone of my country (south). It’s the middle of winter, and I’m early in the morning knee-deep in the water, taking pictures of a ballerina much colder than me. Eduardo Asenjo, my photobuddy is with me. He lives here and chose this amazing location. As we talked over the phone a week ago, we decided to use water as our setting. See, Valdivia is a traditionally river city. So if we are to take photos, it’s water or nothing.

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