11 Aug Pacing a Fuji X-T2 | Shooting Dancers Through Rain & NYC City Grime With Omar Robles

See how street photographer Omar Robles uses the FujiFilm XT2 to capture the juxtaposition of elegant ballerinas in the gritty streets of NYC. In search of inspiration, I stumbled across Omar Z. Robles on Instagram, a former mime-artist turned Fujifilm ambassador, and was instantaneously mesmerized by his ability to capture the true essence of a dancer. What you’ll find in his feed is a juxtaposition of remarkable dancers against the streets of New York City, sprawled in the middle of crosswalks or leaping through a crowded intersection, all timed perfectly to freeze a moment in a city minute. Aside from his exquisite portfolio, it was Omar’s statement in a recent Huffington Post article that sparked my interest to conduct the interview: “Our job as a photographer is to portray the familiar in an unfamiliar way or the unfamiliar in a familiar way.”

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