01 May Own your vision

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I have to admit that despite having a presence on YouTube and trying to get my channel going, I don’t watch many videos as I find most of them shallow and too much gear-oriented. Having said that, I recently watched an eye-opening video by Sean Tucker. In his latest video focused on social media he tackled so many important subjects. Rarely do you see a photographer talking so eloquently and honestly about social media, staying true to his own vision, being bold and innovative. Today, let me share my thoughts about one concept he mentioned, that is, owning your own vision.

 If there is one mistake that is often repeated, it is to try to please as many people as possible with your imagery or in Sean Tucker’s words, “hack your way to success.” Yes, some of your images may get a lot of “likes” and you may even become a popular photographer but by trying to fit in, you will never built your own audience. Most importantly, you won’t be able to create innovative and fresh imagery. By definition, creative work will never please everybody, quite the opposite.

In fact, if you push boundaries of seeing, you will lose some of your audience and unpleasant as that is, it is a normal reaction. However, by staying true to your own vision and taking visual risks you will gain something much more valuable – a dedicated and engaged audience, which appreciate your work and will support you in your

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